At long last, the definitive story of the Tooth Fairy is presented to children and parents.

Piper Noble sitting up in bed The Tooth Fairy Legend: The Touch of Kindness reinforces many important values:
    Kindness towards others
    Respect for all people
    Acceptance of others' differences
    The power of love and affection
    Giving vs. selfishness
    Having an important role within society
    Helping and friendship

Families can enjoy the excitement of a fantasy-adventure that is age-appropriate and uplifting.
The "read-along-and-listen" format of the Premiere Edition helps to teach good reading skills to children 4-8.
The Tooth Fairy Legend: The Touch of Kindness is a perennial favorite. Children always lose their teeth and want to hear the story of the Tooth Fairy.
The Premiere color illustrated edition includes a double CD set of the narrated story, including fully-orchestrated songs from the family musical version.
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